Natasha Thahane’s grandmother passed away

Actress and beans ambassador for garnier Natasha thahane shared sad news about the passing of her grand mother. She shared the awful news via a reel video on Instagram where friends and family flooded her comment section with condolences messages.

According to Natasha Thahane who posted the reel on Instagram and Captioned it “Rest in perfect peace my darling you will always be loved gogo lala uphumle”




Natasha was lucky as she got to live and spend time with her grandmother and she also got time to meet her grandchild, Also attended baby shower and she seemed as she enjoyed and blessed her.

Her interview on the podcast of mac g, she mentioned how she helped her financially wise while she was still in the US furthering her studies as she experienced some of the financial issues.

Which people in South Africa also talk how she allegedly wasted the money that she was funded with, as she is still working in south Africa where as there are some of South African actresses who are doing so well in Hollywood and they work hard for their way up.

Condolences to her and the rest of the family, May her grandmother rest in perfect peace.

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