Natasha Thahane shows off her new “mom nails”. See which store she did them, you may also want to do

Tammy Tailor Nails is one of the biggest salons in Mzansi that specialises with providing its customers with high quality nails for both hands and feet. It is one of those big brands that is highly supported by celebrities. It has been here for so many years after it was established in 1953 with 23 branches in South Africa.






Natasha Thahane is one of those celebrities who have chosen to do her nails at Tammy Taylor Nails as long as she is still alive. She has shared before that she loves their hospitality and service. Natasha says no salon is able to shape her nails like Tammy Taylor nails nor installs manicure and pedicure like they do. She trusts them so much with all sort of nails designs.Natasha Thahane has paid Tammy Taylor Nails a visit this afternoon where she did her “mom nails”. Mom nails are short nails that are suitable for making a mom with a new born baby look good whilst being able to take good care of the child with no destruction. Below are pictures of her new set of nails:

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