Natasha Thahane responds to marriage rumours with Thembinkosi Lorch

Natasha Thahane has spoken out against marriage rumors. This comes after the actress convinced many people in South Africa that she wed Lorch this past weekend. She held a very suspicious event and refused to disclose any details, leading many to believe that it was about her engagement to Lorch, who is believed to be the father of her child and her current fling.

Natasha posted pictures on Instagram of herself dressed up in a black and white Xhosa outfit that married women would wear, despite the fact that Lorch was also present at the event—at one point, they were even seen chilling side by side. Lorch was not dressed as a newlywed in photos from the same event, despite the fact that he was dressed casually. Many rumors were sparked as a result. Notwithstanding, they proceed to unfollow each other via web-based entertainment regardless of consistently being found in similar spots, in actuality. Mzansi believes that this is because they want others to stop interfering in their personal lives, but they also believe that their relationship is moving forward.



After that, major media outlets contacted Natasha Thahane and her team about the marriage rumors and were told that they had no interest in discussing, responding to, or confirming anything and that people should believe what they want.

Since they started dating, Natasha and Lorch have been the subject of Mzansi and gossip.After their child was born, rumors circulated that the two lovers had broken up. On the other hand, every indication suggests that Natasha Thahane and Thembinkosi Lorch will wed this weekend. Last month, Thembinkosi posted a picture of himself at Natasha’s birthday party, demonstrating that, despite rumors of a breakup, the two were still together. Numerous congratulations and well wishes were extended to the football player and actress for their recent union. Others, then again, announced that they would see any problems their own business and cease from accepting all that they read on the web.

The two have been dating on and off since 2019, but they have tried to keep it a secret. At first, it was seen that they were traveling together. By uploading videos of themselves together while on vacation or in the car, the two made their relationship public. At the beginning of 2022, Natasha Thahane announced that she was pregnant, and she gave birth to Lorch’s child. However, admirers were still celebrating the couple’s newfound parenthood when rumors of a breakup began to surface. The talks were ignored by the couple, but it was later revealed that Lorch was not ready to commit and that this was the reason why they broke up. The actress, according to rumors, was ready to wed, but her boyfriend wasn’t.