Natasha Thahane is a member of Old Apostolic Church

South Africa’s internationally recognised actress, Natasha Thahane, is not only a mother to her 1-year-old son, love partner to the South African professional footballer, Thembinkosi Lorch, and the daughter of Swazi Thahane in her private life but she is also a faithful church member of the Old Apostolic Church. This talented actress has always made it clear that she does believe in the existence of God and she loves going to church. She always shares snippets of her moments at church and she also likes flaunting her church outfits.




Yesterday was the 9th of September and people came out in numbers to go to entertainment places as they welcome the spring season. As all roads led to entertainment parks, game reserves and other fun places, Natasha Thahane proudly went to church. She has recently shared a stunning picture of herself in a white outfit and a video flaunting the church choir as they were beautifully singing. Below is the picture she shared and a screenshot of a video she shared.

1. Church Outfit 2. Church video
She made it clear on the caption that it was a youth night were obviously the youth of the church gathered together to worship God and she also used a hashtag and wrote the abbreviation of the church, Old Apostolic Church(OAG), to specify which church she attends. Natasha Thahane is a faithful member of this church and this is seem how she constantly shares videos weekly flaunting being there. Some of her fans love that they go to the same church with her and they keep on sharing it on the comments section. Check the comments on the screenshot below.