Natasha Thahane and her friend Nox from Diepcity last photo

We have all had the experience of working at places where we have the opportunity to get to know new people. Individuals you encounter during your journey through life who, almost immediately, become like family to you. They show you the highest level of respect possible and are always there to look out for you. Very uncommon and difficult to track down.



Natasha Thahane is a skilled performer who has starred in a variety of different television shows. Her great father, the legendary Archbishop Desmond Tutu, passed away not too long ago. She is known for her roles in “The Queen,” “Skeem Saam,” and “Blood and Water.” She has a positive relationship with the majority of her co-workers on the shows. She co-starred with Nozuko Ntshangase in the television show Skeem Saam, who is one of these people.