Nasty C addresses beef with A-Reece

Nasty C addresses the beef between him and A-Reece. The beef has long existed, but Daddy Oliver bears the truth about the beef which he referred to as “the weirdest thing ever. On L-Tido’s podcast, Nasty C says the beef is complicated and a misunderstanding. I don’t know what that thing is… It’s like complicated, it’s like a misunderstanding. It’s fvcking dumb, it’s stupid.He further revealed that he and Reece don’t know what started the beef. However, he has reached out to A-Reece multiple times in other to prove to the world that there is no hate between them.





Nasty C further said whenever they meet in public, there’s no interaction, and some other times, they greet casually. We don’t know what started it… When we see each other, nothing happens. It’s the weirdest thing ever.”Speaking on trying to squash the beef, the No More star said, I have tried to do that multiple times. I booked him for my Ivyson tour, let’s put this thing to rest…” Nasty said.