Nambitha Ben-Mazwi’s Recent Photos That Left Mzansi Stunned.

Nambitha Ben- Mazwi is a well- known Southa African renowned actress and a television personality. She is mostly known for her incredible acting skills. You may be familiar with her from the television shows she has embarked on, like the Netflix originals, How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, Happiness Ever After, Seriously Single. You may also know her from Scandal! portraying Shado, Diamond City playing Benathi, Broken Vows portraying Lulama and many other roles she has partaked on.

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi put to social media to reveal herself attending the Heineken Ladies Polo, which was happening on the 4th of September in this present year at Inanda Club, Sandton. On that event, she didn’t just bring herself but seemingly her beauty as well.





Nambitha has put to social media snaps of her, on a dress by Imprints ZA, with her make- up done by Melanin Zone. She then wrote the caption, “This is how I polo.”

These photos broke social media and left Mzansi in total surprise. See the photos below:

Many of her fans and friends sent out their love, including their messages complimenting her beauty. A fan wrote, “You were looking (fire), your outfit was (spot on) and should have been best dressed. Another fan wrote, “Uske ubenjena ke wena. Awumhle mani, unendawo engathi zifuna ucengwa.” Attesting to her beauty, even Imprint ZA which is her fashion designer for her look, stated, “We totally killed it.”

With many people attesting to how beautiful and stunning she looked, it is certain that Nambitha has shown her beauty and stolen the hearts of many.