Nadia Nakai shows the Balenciaga shades AKA bought her

Nadia Nakai started doing vlog type videos on tik-tok. In these videos Nadia Nakai shares what she gets up to on certain days. Nadia Nakai shared in her latest tik-tok video that she and AKA went to a place called ‘Tang’ for a lunch date. Nadia then showed the food that they had which looked so good.

Nadia Nakai then shared that after their lunch, she and AKA went sunglasses shopping and she said that AKA bought her these Balenciaga shades. Nadia Nakai said in the video that she absolutely loves the shades and it is so Kardashian like.









If you want to watch Nadia Nakai’s tik-tok video and her other vlogs click on the link below ⬇️