Mzansi’s Not Happy With The Twins That Want To Marry The Same Man After They Did This To Their Mothe

Those twins are disrespectful to their mother. Their approach to seeking answers from their mom was an epic fail. Much as they maybe need to vent but they should have been calm and given her a chance calmly to explain herself not for them to be acting up for TV.

The amount of anger this mother has caused in these twins is too much. I don’t think they really need answers. Their aim is to expose/embarrass their mom. I get their frustration however is it really that difficult to get your point across without shouting? I commend the mother for being calm regardless. This was addressed with Thembi in #Dlozlami. It’s either Owami and Olwethu were not listening to Thembi on Dlozilam or this reality show was shot before that #Twiceasbold. And they forgave their mother on Dlozi lam. Sis Thembi Nyanthi said to them they should stop this thing of dating one man they are individuals. And here they say two bodies one soul.


This other twin is spitting fire and there’s no way the mother could try and defend herself. I would also keep quiet incase they skin me alive. These girls treat their mother like that? They always shout and ask her the same questions, we saw this drama when they went to Dlozilam.

They needed a reality show to address this issue with their mom. The mother can see that these two are hooligans there’s nothing to say because she’ll end up being like them. Sis Vuyiswa got these kids at the age 14. May these twins forgive her. We don’t talk enough about deadbeat moms who chose men over their kids… even in our era we still have them. But they cannot be blaming their mother for being in an abusive relationship with their ex. How is them marrying a man old enough to be their dad, the mom’s fault?

Honestly I don’t know why they are angry. There are babies that were put up for adoption and other left in trash. Their grandma raised them. Unfortunately it does not take away the fact that your parent who did not play an active role. Those who were put on bins have questions and mom or dad is not there to answer. It however sucks when mom or dad is around.

Asifani singabantu. Their grandmother is also partly to be blamed for their mom’s absence in their lives. Back in the day you fall pregnancy umncane the kid is raised as your sibling and when you get married, you leave them.