Mzansi’s Not Happy With Dj Finzo’s Girlfriend After They Noticed This In #GiantsOfTheCity Show

Mzansi’s Not Happy With Dj Finzo’s Girlfriend After They Noticed This In #GiantsOfTheCity Show

Sources: Hashtag #GiantsOfTheCity Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode


MojaLoveTv has never disappointed their viewers. There’s never a dull moment with Moja Love, there’s always something to watch and we never get bored. We have a second season of #GiantsOfTheCity. Viewers have been waiting for this show for so long.

There’s a lot of improvement in this season in terms of production quality. Mzansi have loved the quality of the production. The Top highlights of the new season is definitely Anele becoming a mom and Finzo is getting married to his new girlfriend Lelethu. It’s sad painful to hear about the passing Anele’s mom. We are nt sure whether she got a chance to see her grandchild.

We heard Dj Finzo in the season finally sang that he is dating but he cannot speaks about it in national tv. The sad part is that he said it in front of his ex-wife who also happen to be the mother of her 15 years daughter.

Dj Finzo has come back with his fiance. Dj Finzo is in a relationship with Lelethu and he has proposed to her. DJ Finzo have show his video where he crying before he proposed to his girlfriend.

Finzo’s fiancée is such a vibe. She looks looks like she likes fun. #GiantsOfTheCity fans and viewers think that Finzo’s woman is on some lights, camera and action. Mzansi cannot help but to think that Lelethu loves money. Mzansi is convinced that if Finzo didn’t have money, Lelethu wouldn’t be charmed.

Viewers feel like this outspoken Lethu chick was mainly attracted to Finzo for that money bag he was carrying on the fateful night. Pretty clear one of the reasons she is dating him is because of the money and status.