Mzansi’s Not Happy With Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend After She Did This To Her Kids in #FindingBongan

Mzansi Is Not Happy With Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend After She Said This To Her Kids in #FindingBonganiFassie

Source: Hashtag #FindingBongani twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv latest episode

The son of late Brenda Fassie, Bongani Fassie is still finding himself after he recently came out of rehab. Bongani Fassie was in rehab for 3 weeks after he was consuming drugs. #FindingBonganiFassie viewers has been very happy to see that Bongani has come out and his now trying to find himself.




Viewers were not happy with the life that Bongani and her girlfriend Buhle are living. Viewers are finding its hard to understand both of them after the last episode where it was revealed that Buhle were gone for two weeks and never come home for kids.

Buhle and Bongani were invited in one of the most club called Disco. The kids were crying for their mother who was preparing to go out. Buhle was heard sayinh that she’s not going forever she qill be back just. According to Bongani Buhoe return home after 5 days later.

Viewers has been complaining about the parenting between Buhle and Bongani. Viewers think that Buhle is still taking drugs after she was seen asking Bongani to accompany her in a car on a club where she was invited.

In the last episode on #FindingBongani We heard Buhle calling Bongani, saying that there is something that she want to pout in it but she cannot do it in front of people. Viewers were also not impressed with the way she was dressed up.

Accorsing to Buhle’s aunt, this restaurant named Disco that Buhle is working is a dangerous place. Her aunt has warmed her about the club and she has also warned her about the bad friends that are around her. Apparently Buhle and Bongani has been together for 15 years. Buhle has three kids with Bongani while outside she had a daughter which Bongani find her with.

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Mzansi Is Not Happy with Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend In #FindingBongani After She Did This