Mzansi’s Left Tears After This Uncle Did This To This Woman In #Mamazala After He Refused To Do This

Mzansi’s Left Tears After This Uncle Did This To This Woman In #Mamazala After He Refused To Do This

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A Woman Left mzansi talking after she said her husband divorced her without her knowledge. She claim that her mother in law is the one who signed the divorce paper without her. The woman said that her husband paid lobola in 1994 while they were young. She said she found out that her husband divorced her in 2006 while her husband died in 2020.

Mam Nozibele has been through too much and viewers has been hoping that they resolve this for her. This has been going on for far too long maan. Watching this episode just get emotional.

Nizibelele is saying that she have been begging to meet with the woman for 17 years but the family has been refusing. The mother in-law no longer recognized her because she is old. The brother in law is drunk and he is the one who has been causing a fight.

#Mamazala viewers were left sad. Drunk uncles are always so disruptively funny how is his salary even relevant here. Nozibele said she want what us due to her but it seems like the Uncle is acting funny. The woman is saying that her husband has been treating her for his own benefits.

The uncle is blaming Nozibele because she has been in contact with his wife. Nozibele has been asking meeting with his wife and she did not told him. Apparently the mother in-law told her that she does not have the death certificate. The mother in-law has also brought a new wife of her son saying that he was divorced to her.

It’s sad that Mam Nozibele did not get what she was looking for. The Mamazala team have promised to help her with her case.

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