Mzansi’s Left Not Impressed With These Siblings That Recently Went To #ReaTsotella After This Happen

Mzansi Is Left Not Impressed With These Siblings That Recently Went To #ReaTsotella

Source: Hashtag #ReaTsotella Twitter page and DStv MojaLove Channel 157 latest episode





Every week Bishop Makamu fix family problems amongst the family and the siblings. Bishop Makamu has helped many problems in families but some does not want to be fixed. In the latest episode we meet Thobile and hid siblings who are fighting over the family house. Bishop Makamu has come to assist the family after Thobile wrote to him fighting over the house with his siblings who think the don’t share the same father.

Makamu is dealing with this issue nicely. Justice is blowing hot air, this South Africa not land we have rules of intestate succession. I get their argument, the house belonged to their father the 1st husband but SAouth African aw entitles Thobile to the house through their mother. The law is not fair in this case but it is the law. I sympathise with those two kids of the fist husband. How this brother and sister exclude the other sibling because they don’t share a father is strange. Totally disregarding that they share a mother.

The elder brother started on a wrong foot by calling Thobile his step brother, he is actually his half brother. There is a huge difference between half brother and Step brother. The fact that Thobile shares the mother with them, makes Thobile an equal partaker of the heir. No single person here can claim the house its a family house, period. For the brother to say Thobile must go find his home that’s wrong. They just need to understand they are all equal, cause now they are spitting dirt on their mom family politics. This 4 rooms are a curse, Guys even if you’re the last born worn hard to build your own home. Stop fighting for these 4 rooms. I’m happy for my fellow hard working, brothers who are building houses back home.

These 2 don’t like Thobile because he is not their father’s child. Morally the big brother has a point but legally he won’t win. They all have an equal share to the house. To make it worse its now under mom’s name. Thobile should just learn to live with other ppl and respect his elders full stop. This Justice guy and his sister they’re trying to make a statement but they don’t want to understand why Thobile wrote for. This guy can have 15 wives but he’s allowed to stay in his Mama’s house.

Thobile has much right to the house as the 2 siblings, even if the Thobile’s parents divorced (only if they were married in community of property) . These two just wanna gang up against Thobile just because they share a father. They are realy insulting their mother. By the same token of the law, if the 2nd husband had been rich, the older kids would benefit from his riches through their mother and Thobile would probably also have a problem with that. A rare pic of the mother in her grave seeing her children talking about her relationships.