Mzansi’s Left In Tears After Seeing Sis Thembi From #Dlozlami Crying After She Helped This Family

Mzansi’s Left In Tears After Seeing Sis Thembi From #Dlozlami Crying After She Helped This Family





Mzansi Is Left in tears after seeing Sis Thembi shares tears in #Dlozlamai. Mzansi were really left touched with today’s episode. This episode was heartbreaking even Themba was also crying.

Millicent wrote to Thembi because her family is struggling. People in her family are missing while others are educated but they end up smoking nyaope while other are missing. Milicent is from Daveyton and she has N6 and unemployed. The situation at home is really bad they go to bed hungry.

Millicent wished to connect with her mother, grandmother and grandfather. The family has been consulting with different sangomas and prophets and they told them that there is something planted in the yard. She wrote to sis Thembi because the believe she will be able to communicate with the ancestors.

Mzansi were heartbroken after hearing Thembi saying that her grandmother is saying that she is poor ancestor who does not bother anyone. She said she knows about their stranded and there’s nothing that can be done. Apparently the family does not have anything to eat even the cardboard were really empty. Their grandmother has begged Thembi to buy groceries before she can start with the readings.

The ancestors have reveal to Thembi that there is no witchcraft or generational curses in the family, she is a poor ancestors. She said that she cannot blame them for not putting tombstone to her grave because she knows that her family is poor. The ancestors reveal to Thembi that the reason why some went missing and others start smoking nyaope is because of poverty.

The ancestors have called Thembi so that she can help her family. Millicent has been identifying as a curse breaker to the family. She is saying that in order for the family to prosper to complete what is needed to remove the poverty, Millicent should be helped with a job so that she can work for her family.

Apparently there has too much death in the family without any cleaning. The ancestors is saying that there should be someone in the family who will work so that they have money to do spiritual cleaning.

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