Mzansi’s Left Happy After Hearing The Return Of #IsecaneLengane In Tv. Here Is What Thando Will Do

Mzansi’s Left Happy After Hearing The Return Of #IsecaneLengane In Tv. Here Is What Thando Will Do









Mzansi is left happy after hearing about the return of #IsecaneLengane in MojaLoveTv channel 157. It been months since the end of season Four and mzansi cannot wait for another hot season. In the past few days we have seen MojaLoveTv showing the advert of the show in tv.

In the last episode we saw Thando and Siyacela giving birth to their first child. It was heartbreaking to watch but we are glad that Thando has given birth to beautiful baby boy. Even though Siyacela missed the birth of his baby and he rushed to the hospital the next day to finish Thando’s food at the hospital.

 In the last episode of Isecane Lengane we also witness about the death of Siyacela’s father; Mr Dlamuka. Mzansi has been saying that Siyacela will suffer since his father is no more.

In the next coming episode we are going to Thando meeting Manto for the first time since Siyacela went and pay lobola without the approval of Thando who is the first wife. In the new season, we saw Thando and Siyacela’s girlfriend fighting at a restaurant where they met. Siyacela’s girlfriend was heard shouting in a restaurant saying that she will continue to see Thando’s husband Siyacela.

Mzansi were disappointed to see Thando is still with Siyacela after everything he has done to her. Mzansi were disappointed with the slap that Thando gave Siyacela. Many people has been saying that she should have slap him so hard. 

In this new season we also going to see Thando asking for DNA from her father. Apparently Thando is having doubt about her father. She think his not her biological father with the way things that he has been doing.

Thando and Siyacela has been the talk since in their first episode. Fans and viewers has never like Siyacela because of his stupidity. Siyacela became popular because of his behavior, his rude and stupid.