Mzansi’s Left Disbelief After This Couple Says They Have 4-Years Without Doing This In #ReaTsotella

Mzansi were left speechless after seeing #ReaTsotellaMonday on MojaLoveTv channel 157. A Lady took her husband of more than 2 decades to #ReaTsotella after he is requesting for DNA for their fourth child. Mzansi were left disappointed by the actions of the husband that he can be with this woman and gave her 5 kids and at the end along the way he decided to ask the DNA test of a child.

The lady is complain about the husband being the serial cheater while she also a serial cheater the two Couple have humiliated themselves in national tv. Their issues even failed Bishop Makamu. The man exposed his wife of cheating with Ben 10 who happen to be the church member. The woman no longer want her husband because she was caught cheating with this church guy. Bishop even made a way to call the Ben10 to confirm the cheating and it is unfortunately that the guy doesn’t know anything.




The lady was caught by her husband putting this church mate picture as her whatsapp profile picture just to make him jealous. The lady is a sangoma and she said that she does not kiss or sleep with him. Mzansi were left shocked after hearing that the two Couple have not had s-x for over 4years. I mean whose husband that can wait for 5 before while they both no longer virgin. Her ancestral spirits don’t allow her to kiss her husband, but can can use another man as her profile picture to make her husband jealous.

Some other rules of being a sangoma are too much. Imagine staying with your partner for four years without anything. Without s*x could be the only reason why they are fighting none stop. The lady said that the reason why is because he does not want to buy goat for ritual and he has now.

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