Mzansi’s Left Disappointed With This Man After He Went To His Date Wearing Like This In #SingleAndMi

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed With This Man After He Went To His Date Wearing Like This In #SingleAndMingle

The second date git everyone talking g in twitter. #SingleAndMingle made a good job by matching g the first couple but faced to do the matching in second episode. Matchmaker needs to decide if they are serious about their job.

The guy went on his date wearing Codro. The got everyone talking after he went to his date wearing outdate outfits. He says his an artist, he likes fashion but he doesn’t have a fashion sense. That’s why he’s looking for a partner to help him.





A theatre actor has messed up everything after going to his date with bears and all that signs ò nt loving himself. May viewers has been saying he must continue going to the theatre to watch plays and participate instead of looking for a relationship.

Refiloe has never been impressed from the beginning of the date. This girl on #SingleAndMingle is being so mean, fans have like her so much. When people are not attracted to you they can be so rude. Girl has been looking down on the guy the whole date ngathi yena she’s doing something better with her life.

It’s funny how girls would say they don’t give their boyfriends money yet they expect their boyfriends to give them money. She’s unemployed but she’s looking down on a guy who’s really trying just because he’s not doing something fancy or in corporate.

Sbusiso looks fine to me. He has a valid reason not to shave. He must shave period. His still staying in the house of his grandmother and they are many inside, he does not have a his on room. It seems like they sleep on a floor. Not the girl saying the guy if part of the Squater Camp gang. It was not necessary for this guy to tell the whole world that he is HIV positive.

Did S’bu miss all the signs that She was not feeling Him? Not guy saying he’s going to build a future with a girl who doesn’t even like him. We wonder hoe do these people feel when a lady says I am taken while the man says I am still single at the end of the show?