Mzansi’s Left Disappointed By This After She Took Her Partner To #LenyaloLethata After This Happened

Mzansi Is Left Disappointed After She Took Her Partner To #LenyaloLethata After This Happened

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Ntate Thuso is back in our screen with another hot season. It’s the episode bit we have already enjoyed seeing him in our screen.

We meet two couple who are going through some challenges in their relationship. A Lady named Lindiwe wrote to Ntate Thuso after seeing that her wife is no longer sleeping at home. She is claiming that he could be cheating on her since she now likes to go out at night and she drink too much.

Many viewers have reacted to the lady who took her partner to see Ntate Thuso. Viewers has been saying that she left men to meet another man. Her partner who had been identified as Musa is down to earth. She said her partner would even cry when she talks to her.

When Ntate Thuso went and have a conversation with Musa he indicated out that Lindiwe is jealous, she talks too much and she also have anger management issues. Viewers thought the reason of anger is because she was coming from another relationship.

Lindiwe is saying that her partner does not sleep at home. She said that her only comes back after weekend. When Ntate Thuso speaks to him, he told him that the reason he does not come home is because she speaks too much. He said coming home drunk does helps him because he forgot the problems.

Viewers and access Ntate Thuso of taking favouring Musa too much. Apparently he did not addressing the real issue. Viewers noticed that took sides instead of being neutral to the situation.

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