Mzansi:Here Is The Last Moment Of DJ Somebody Before the Shooting See Here


It looks like he was surrounded by multiple cars(two or more) during the hit to ensure that his truly dead.

It is said that he was coming from a musical concert well you have before me and later when you was going back home that is where he was shot.






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Crime scene not respected at all ; for something that happened at 00:30 or so and even now the scene is not barricaded, traffic cops just controlling traffic, no police and forensic on site .

Dude, the crime scene was combed, bullets collected, police tape and cones removed from the scene and the road opened for traffic. This must tell you that the road is now cleared. Why you think this is still an active crime scene hours after the shooting is beyond me.

You know how south africa is when it comes to such things…if they can’t arrest Senzo’s killers, I doubt they’ll respect a crime scene… If this was another country, DJSumbodys hitmen would be found before sunset.

There must an underlying reason… Either, he got involved in dealings with wrong people or it involves someone’s wife.. You can’t be killed like these for no reason.

You have a point, I thought the same as well…wrong dealings, success or someones wife…it reminded me of that forex trader who was sleeping with a taxi owners wife.