Mzansi:Here Is Major League DJ Enjoying Life See Here

KIND OF HARD TO NOT BE… RHUDE we encourage people to work together because there is good thing in working together and you can also achieve many things major league Djs have been working together ever since they were young.

and up-to-date they still work together and produce music together which is a good sign that there is achieving good things and big things in working together especially with your relative.


there is a lot of things that people can learn from majorleaguedjz one of the things that people can learn from them is the ability to work together and going out on vacation together.

not so long major league DJ were spotted with Julius malema in Spain where they were out vacation where they also played the music in Ibiza Spain.

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My gran and uncle, keep raving that we related. Apparently this is y’all’s pic taken in Meadowlands?.