Mzansi:Age Just A Number Tokyo Sexwale (62) Tied The Knot With Nataxa Da Silva (24) See Here

Billionaire Tokyo Sexwale (62) tied the knot this weekend again with the gorgeous Nataxa Da Silva (24).

People must learn how to stay away from other people’s business because really it does not concern them what matter in life is that if the two people and regardless of age I happy together society must stay away from boring them.

Below are comment made by people.

People must understand that age is just a number when I started dating my girlfriend we had a five years gap and many fools will say to me at that he is too old for you.

Once I get this money, I’m gonna get myself a fresh kuku too. I strongly believe some ladies are carrying my soulmates in their tummy as I type this

When Robert Mugabe married Grace, he was 72 and Grace was 31. A difference of 40+ years in age gap.

Congratulations to Tokyo Sexwale. May God bless their marriage.People can’t be living their lives the way only certain generation think is the right way.

Congratulations to him, he got himself a beautiful wife. As long you are still alive do things that makes you happy n at that age you need a young full of life wife who will make you feel happy n younger.

Take notes gentlemen. You don’t need a six-pack to bag yourself a hottie. Only money and power. Beautiful ladies love themselves powerful men.

When I wanna give my daughter a reason as to why she should study hard I’ll show her these photos,When I wanna give her a reason why studying hard may not work all the time, I’ll still show her these photos .