Mzansi:A Horrible Accident By Truck Driver Without License Claims 15 Lives See

In South Africa we still have many people who don’t want to do drivers licence but yet they are still driving and they don’t see anything wrong this is one of the problem that must be addressed.

not only by ordinary people but also by government because at the end of the day we are the children of this government.

15 people have died as a result of this accident this simple means that 15 families have lost their loved one other people are breadwinners in the family and once you take them away you are not even going to cause problem to them but also to the people that relayed on them.

People must learn to drive carefully carefully this will save them from car accident that was going to be avoided if only they a listen and follow the rules that are put on our roads.

and also company bus stop this thing of hiring people who don’t have a licence and hire them to go and drive their trucks simply because they want to exploit them and pay them low wages because they don’t have proper papers.

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Is it true that the truck driver is Zimbabwean and does not have drivers license and passport, illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe.

They overtake nje! Even on curve where they can’t see oncoming traffic! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to slow down coz someone was driving towards me in my lane I hated driving there.

It’s these trucks that are driving mixed up with peak hour traffic. Why are delivery trucks allowed to drive during peak hour traffic? These things should deliver after 2100 every day till 0400am, after that there should be no truck moving around in the city.

15 people lost there lifes same are probably paralyzed its sad ,that track company assets should be sold to compensate those families for employing a foreign national with no proper documentation to be in south africa let along to operate a heavy machinery such as a track.