Mzansi Were left in awe after DEBORAH FRASER’S friend said this about her.

A friend of Dr. Deborah Fraser’s paid tribute to the late gospel icon by speaking about the times that the two of them had spent time together. The condensed version of her eulogy stated that she was the friend of Dr. Fraser who was aware of all her challenges, implying that she must have been one of Dr. Fraser’s closest and most reliable associates. But this is not what the majority of people were focused on.

She then continued talking, pointing to the friend in the back, and said that she was that friend who parties with Dr. Fraser, but in contrast, Dr. Fraser treated her as the friend she could feely talk to, about her problems. She continued talking about how she was that friend who parties with Dr. Fraser. Despite this, this was not what most people were interested in.

Ebony Ngcobo, a different buddy, said that they used to drink together with the late Dr.





See also the following comments:

It was clearly made apparent by one of the comments that the context was very essential, and that Ngcobo was referring to their youth days spent together.

The entertainment and music industries in South Africa have each suffered the loss of a fellow worker, which fills everyone in those fields with a profound sense of loss. The famous Dr. Deborah Fraser passed away in May 2022 due to complications from a stroke she suffered after living for more than half a century and working in the gospel music industry.

The funeral of Dr. Fraser was shown nationally on television so that all of her supporters may watch it. They were given the opportunity to virtually lament or grieve alongside the family during this difficult time. She was indeed laid with a tremendous amount of honesty and her family, including her children, did everything they could to honor her memory and pay tribute to the woman she was.