Mzansi Wants Kelly’s Career To Be Cancelled After The 2nd Docket Revealed More Chilling Details

Kelly Khumalo is currently one of the most talked about celebrities in the country and it is not about good news at all, but about how she could be involved in the death of her former soccer player boyfriend, Senzo Mayiwa. Senzo died in the month of October 2014, leaving his family heartbroken and incomplete because they had so many questions to ask about what really happened to him, and his fans on social media have always pushed for Senzo to get his justice.

Now that the court case is still ongoing and much more is being revealed in court about what might have really taken place tonight, Senzo was shot dead in the presence of Kelly Khumalo, her sister, and other individuals. More and more people are starting to believe that Kelly Khumalo is guilty and that all this time she has been hiding the truth about what happened to her former boyfriend and hiding the real evidence.



And every single day, that upsets citizens who want justice for Senzo Mayiwa, and they have also been upset by the fact that even after Senzo’s death, Kelly Khumalo still maintained her career. It was not ruined in any way, even though she might be allegedly implicated in a murder case. Many other people on social media believe that can-do culture was created in order to stop people, especially celebrities in the entertainment industry, who are found guilty of certain offences, from working in the industry anymore.

Many other male celebrities have become victims of cancelled culture, ruining their careers, and social media users want the same to happen to Kelly’s career. A second docket that was presented revealed that Kelly and others were implicated in the case. According to the docket, everyone who was present in the house might have been involved in Senzo’s murder.

After the evidence was revealed, it made citizens demand even more that her shows and career be cancelled.