Mzansi Wants Kelly Khumalo’s Career To Be Cancelled Because Of This

Senzo Mayiwa’s case is currently one that many people in the country are invested in because everyone wants to know what really happened to the soccer star the night he was murdered. Senzo Mayiwa lost his life on October 26th, 2014 in a robbery. The loved soccer star was dating the well-known South African singer Kelly Khumalo during that time, and when he lost his life, she and other individuals were present, but it has not been clear yet who exactly is responsible for his death, even though there are four suspects who have been arrested allegedly responsible for what happened on the 26th of October 2014.

Many people believe that the people who were present during this scene know exactly what happened and what went down and who the responsible individual is, but they do not want to speak out, and a lot of the fans of Senzo Meyiwa believe that his dumb girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo, could also be guilty.



Kelly Khumalo has spoken out about how she has been constantly judged by society since the ideal happened and that people are judging her wrongful, but seeing her move on with her life and living as if something is bad, as this did not happen in their presence, and her house people have called for her to be cancelled and she has stopped being booked as a singer.

This is because of what happened yesterday, especially during the court proceedings when the lawyer of the four accused was arrested live on television, and this made some people believe that there could be foul play at hand. After the arrests took place, many decided that it was time to boycott Kelly Khumalo and for her to stop getting any kind of support from the public, especially when it comes to any of her shows or any performances she will be having at events.