Mzansi Want Jub-Jub To Be Fired With Immediate Effect After He Did This To This Man In #Uyajola99

Mzansi Want Jub-Jub To Be Fired With Immediately Effects After He Did This To This Man In #Uyajola99

Source: Hashtag #Uyajola99 Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

Jub Jub Should Stop Bullying Men & Taking Sides: Uyajola 99 Fans React To Latest Episode

Jub Jub got himself in trouble after the latest episode of #Uyajola99. Mzasi were not impressed with his intervention skills. Has been calling Jub Jub to be fired with immediate effect after her was seen being disrespectful to the man who wrote to him.

Apparently a man named Michael wrote to Jub Jub because he suspect that his wife has been cheating on him. The man made a mistake after he cheated on her years back and the woman is still holding back.

Jub Jub were heard wearing at the MA in national tv because he was speaking to his wife.This is the first first time mzansi blame Jub jub. The man was not wrong at all. He cheated 2013 and apologised and they went for counseling. He even advised his wife to both go for counseling and wife said she was ok. Mzansi have reacted saying that Jub Jub qas make this as s big issue.

His fans and followers were very dissapointed in this episode. He was seen embarrassing this man over something he did years ago while his wife is busy sleeping around.

Many fans have reacted on him. Mzansi have reminded him about the accident which he was once involved were he killed kids. It appears that viewers no longer want him to be the host of the show. The amount of disrespect has driven his viewers to the him even more.