Mzansi suspect Kelly Khumalo’s sister will be the eye-witness; see why below

People on Twitter have started being suspicious about Kelly Khumalo’s sister. After the news were revealed that there is another witness who actually want to tell the world what happened that night. Her sister went to Instagram and posted that it’s about time the truth get revealed. The song she released goes with the situation that is currently happening.

There are those people who feel that it was a co accident that it was released same day. There are suspicions that her sister might know something that the court is looking for. She might have answers to the question which are unanswered. Lot of people want to know what happened the night Senzo Meyiwa was murdered.


Kelly Khumalo is the main suspect at the moment. As the judge released the news that there is someone who saw her shooting at Senzo Meyiwa by mistake. But it will no longer be taken as a mistake because the truth was hidden all along. Lot of people have died trying to tell the truth.