Mzansi Soapie actors who are enemies

Soapie writers in Mzansi have a way of portraying hate in their storylines that have their viewers hooked.

Some viewers find themselves relating to and learning from antagonistic personalities. Here is a list of the top five actors that dislike each other on-screen.

Faith Zwide and Onalerona (House of Zwide)

Faith Zwide initially despised the young intern Onalerona since she has greater talent than her children.

She realizes that Onalerona is her husband’s biological daughter, Funani Zwide’s Onalerona, whom she believed to be dead after having her and her mother murdered years before.

What will occur when Onalerona learns what happened to her mother when she was a baby, and what the man she believes to be her father did, and if this hatred between these two actors can be overcome?

Onalerona and Faith Photo credit (Instagram)
Zandile and Precious (Durban Gen)

Theirs is a classic tale of friends who become rivals, showing how a friend can become so obsessed with you that she begins to hate you and plot to take your life.

Before Zandile had an affair with Precious’s husband Thabo, the two doctors from Durban General Hospital were best friends.

After the affair is revealed and Thabo refuses to continue the relationship with Zandile after the purification ritual, Zandile gets despondent, begins to despise Precious, and devises a scheme to uncover the baby’s biological father (who is her brother-in-law Sbusiso).

As a result of their strong hatred for one another, a family will be torn apart as a brother battles his brother.
Mbali and Lindelani (Durban Gen)

Everybody enjoys a love-hate connection. These two actors have successfully conveyed how two people can both sincerely love and despise one another.

They transitioned from a hostile working relationship to a passionate affair behind Sbusiso’s back, which almost resulted in marriage but was broken off when Mbali became ill.

When Lindelani failed to prevent Mbali from being married to Sbusiso, their acrimonious working relationship resumed.

Will Mbali find her way back to Lindelani’s arms when things at the Dlamini’s turn tragic, or is this just another feud that will never be resolved? Between love and hatred, there really is a fine line.

Sibling Rivalry
Azwindini and Mulalo (Muvhango)

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We cannot discuss on-screen hatred without addressing the sibling rivalry between these Muvhango performers. Their hatred exemplifies how the desire for power and wealth can destroy relationships.

Azwindini and Mulalo dislike each other due to the Mukwevho family’s Chiefdom. Mulalo even resorts to extreme measures, such as using his wife’s hel to deceive everyone into appointing him as chief. To protect this secret, they committed murder, which led to Teboho’s imprisonment and Mulalo’s near-death struggle to salvage face with his family.

Azwindini is unmoved by his brother’s predicament and expels him from the royal residence. Is there any possible chance for these two brothers?
Zithulele and Nkululekho (Imbewu – The Seed)

mzansi actorsIn this drama about a family filled with many lies and secrets, these two actors play brothers who detest like no other. The animosity between Nkululeko and Zithulele has ranged from battling over Zithulele’s wife, Nokuzola, who is also Nkululeko’s ex-wife, to hating one another over their father’s inheritance.

Between these two brothers, there are ongoing secrets, deceit, and betrayals. Will their relationship be built on lying to one another and covering for one another like their dads’ relationship?

The majority of viewers are perplexed about whether these performers dislike one another in real life because of how well they can mimic their characters.


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