Mzansi Showers Zakes Bantwini and His Wife With Love

Too many married couples, the Madidas have been the motivation from day one. This is simply because of the connection they have and the continued support that Nnais has shown to her husband. The two musicians have been for a period of time that is above a decade and they are still showing that their marriage is still not shaken.

If you remember well, Zakes had been quiet for quite some time until he dropped his album which got him recognized internationally. Since then he has been that old Zakes Bantwini we all know.


Today the couple went for a photo shooting which left many social media users showing love for them. Many people on social media applauded this couple for being a most peaceful couple that has no scandals of cheating or abuse but a couple that is always committed to doing well. Some even complimented how good Zakes was when choosing this lady.

Take a look at the comments by the social media users.