Mzansi reacts to the Qwabe twins putting on weight

They say you are not ugly you are just poor. We have seen lot of celebrities who glowed up after being successful. The Qwabe twins are proof that anything is possible with money.

We have seen the twins glowing up after getting their huge break after entering the idols competition. People always made fun of them and said they are not really beautiful. Now most people have swallowed their words after seeing how the twins look like now.


Viggy and Virginia recently posted a pic on social media users. Most people were surprised to see that they have both gained weight. Some peeps even kicked around saying the twins will date the same man seeing that they do everything together and even put on weight at the same time. I must admit putting on weight really looks good on them. Fans were happy to see the beautiful twins and the showered them with nothing but love.