Mzansi reacts to a photo of MamMkhize’s sister.

One thing about siblings is that they will never look the same or even behave the same. Chances of them even looking the same are rare. But there are always qualities and resemblances to show that indeed they are related. As time goes on people start seeing resemblances especially when they always see them together.


Shawn MamMkhize is a hardworking woman. She’s a businesswoman, one of the best and former reality star. She has been showing off her acting skills in a few shows. MamMkhize is now a Dr amongst other things. She joined her sister Nozipho Ngubo.

Mr Smeg is one of the famous black twitter influencers. He is known for saying that people are beautiful. Today he chose MamMkhize’s sister. His followers couldn’t stop gushing over her. And we don’t blame them, she’s a flame. She’s a definition that indeed beauty and brains do exist. Their parents must be proud of them.