Mzansi reacts after Sibongile was sentenced for NSFA money that was transferred to her

Today Sbingile Mani was sentenced to five years in prison. The money belonging to NSFAS was mistakenly transferred to Sibongile’s account and she spent some of it and now she is facing the consequences of spending money that doesn’t belong to her.



After the news broke out that Sibongile was sentenced to five years, Mzansi quickly ran to Twitter to voice their thoughts about this. Many Twitter users were totally against Sibongiles arrest, and they believe that she doesn’t deserve to spend a whole five years in prison over someone else’s mistake.

Many people seem to be angry at the Justice system of this country “Sibongile Mani is not a criminal that deserves to be sentenced…is that clear fam” Wrote an angry Twitter user. “Today Sibongile Mani is known as a thief that stole money. Are there any arrests for the person who was negligent from NSFAS” Wrote another Twitter user who is also sounds livid.