Mzansi Reacted To Phumlani & Melusi In #Gomora After They Did This

Love is not only maddening but can also be addictive – a silent form of addiction; hence the back and forth between Melusi and Thathi. The writers and producers know what they’re doing. What Melusi and Thati have isn’t love, this type of obsession always ends in tears

Thati may love Melusi but she has always chosen people over him. She chose Mbongeni and now Phumlani only to be hurt by them. Love is not enough for her to choose Mel and the sooner he accepts that the better.



Melusi Playing Hero While His Wife Is Lowkey Going Through The Most. Phumlani is killed by Melusi in the season finale and Melusi is arrested and taken to jail. That is how the Phumlani story ends.

Honesty speaking Melusi and Thati storyline is boring nje now,We want to see Gladys find love again,Zodwa living in a big house. I believe Gladys is done with Melusi, she forgave him until she stopped loving him, thats what most women do. #

Not Gladys but Thati and Melusi should die we tired of their storyline. Buhle must commit suicide we tired of her running away and going to cape Town for blood and water. I want the old mam sonto back this one is too soft.

Obviously Melusi will embarrass Gladys in front of the peoples. To stop an entire wedding. Also that doc should have given him discharge forms and refusal of treatment forms. Or actually restrain him.