Mzansi react to Somizi’s answer to ‘where’s Mohale?’

Somizi Mhlongo got tweeps wilding at his chilly response when asked where his estranged hubby was.

The star was on Wednesday night’s episode of The Braai Show with Cass.

However, Somizi and Mohale ended their relationship recently and they have been doing things that makes them happy to get their mind off it.



When Cassper Nyovest asked his ‘friencle’ about Mohale he responded with, “He’s dead, he’s departed from the earth.”

His spicy response had the TLs in a frenzy when he said Mohale was dead to him.

The rapper wanted to know what happened because he was at the wedding.

Somizi asked if he was supposed to shoot him leaving.

Cassper said at Kasi (township) people were saying they don’t like Mohale because he pulled an Italian job on Somizi, and Somizi said “not with my Mohale”.

“I’m going through the most and you are laughing at me, your day is coming.” 

The choreographer and businessman then dropped a bomb when he said, “I’m pan- sexual. I’m attracted to whoever I’m attracted to at the time so even if I were to meet a beautiful woman now, I would date her.”