Mzansi Moved To Tears After Seeing Sis Thembi From #Dlozlami Cry While Helping This Family


Viewers were left in tears after witnessing Sis Thembi cry in #Dlozlamai. Mzansi were deeply moved by today’s program. This episode was so devastating that even Themba cried.

Millicent wrote to Thembi because her family is in financial difficulty. People in her family have gone missing, while others have been educated but end up consuming nyaope, while others have gone missing. Milicent is from Daveyton, has N6, and is jobless. They go to bed hungry since the situation at home is so horrible.

Millicent wanted to contact her mother, grandma, and grandfather. The family has been consulting with many sangomas and prophets, who have informed them that something has been planted in the yard. She wrote to her sister Thembi because she believes she can speak with the ancestors.

Mzansi were devastated after hearing Thembi explain that her grandma says she is a poor ancestor who bothers no one. She stated that she is aware of their predicament and that there is nothing she can do. Apparently, the family had nothing to eat, since the cardboard boxes were completely empty. Their grandma has requested Thembi to go grocery shopping before she can begin the readings.

The ancestors have revealed to Thembi that there is no witchcraft or generational curses in the family, and that she is descended from impoverished ancestors. She stated that she cannot blame them for not erecting a gravestone over her burial because she is aware of her family’s financial situation. The ancestors disclose to Thembi that poverty is the reason why some people went missing and others began using nyaope.

The ancestors have summoned Thembi to assist her family. Millicent has identified herself as a curse breaker for the family. She is arguing that in order for the family to grow and eliminate poverty, Millicent should be given a job so that she can support her family.