Mzansi mourns: Here is how Dj Sumbody was allegedly killed.

According to some social media posts, it is alleged that Oupa John Sefoka aka DJ Sumbody and his driver were shot at least 48 times while in the car. News going around is that they were apparently at woodmead News Cafe.

The passing of the Pretoria based musician was announced by his record company Sumsounds Music which released an official statement. The statement indicates that the artist was unfortunately involved in an incident which led to his passing in the early hours of Sunday morning.




“Details of his ultimate death cannot be revealed but the artist named Oupa John Sefoka allegedly ran into an unfortunate incident that led to his passing in the early hours of Sunday morning, 20 November.” The company said.

Some people on social media who are seemingly familiar with Woodmead News Cafe are complaining that the establishment should be shutdown. Apparently there are a lot of shady things alleged to be taking place at that venue.

However other people are suspecting that this was possibly a hit. “There is no way a random person can shoot someone 48 times. That was a hit man. Someone really wanted somebody to die.” Nokuzola Ntimba commented.