Mzansi Lose Their Minds over Dj Lamiezs Sister

Dj Lamiez is the wife of musician, rapper and the motswako originator Khuli chana, and she herself is a huge social media influencer, media social light, radion dj and host and now one of the best female dj’s we have here in Mzansi. She is very beautiful and she knows it and likes to share her beauty with the rest of the world.

She has faced a lot of cyber bullying from a lot of social media users regarding her body, and she came out and addressed this issue and made people understand how much their words hurt her, and asked them to stop. Even though some people still try to poke fun at her she is not letting it stop her from being comfortable on her own body and having fun while posting pictures as well.




She recently sent social media spiralling after posting some saucy pictures of herself and her sister who looks absolutely stunning and beautiful like her sister. She goes by the name of Lariezh Holworthy and she is the younger sister between the two of them and, it is clear that they both have good beautiful genes.


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