Mzansi Let’s Pray For SA Singer Makhadzi. This Is What Happened To Her

Death be not proud and death does not choose. Death is like a ghost that enter to anyone’s homes without knocking. Today mzansi is crying with Makhadzi after the lost of one of her stylish designer.

Makhadzi is left heartbroken after the death of @quiteria kekana who were the only one person she trusted with her issues. The South African singer and dancer Makhadzi took it to her social media emotionally where she left heartwarming message. Her fans has been praying with as she tried to process the news of her one and only fashion designer.






@quiteria kekana is the first fashion designer who DM Makhadzi when she landed into fame. Makhadzi did not know anyone and she met him when sje was down. It was during Lockdown in 2020 when people where still laughing at her because of her style. @quiteria kekana is the only person who dressed her up and look beautiful the way she is today.

Makhadzi has remembered how she shared her personal indies and he listen. He was more than a friend and a stylish to her. It’s sad that now she will have to live with memories she once had and share with him more special when it comes to styles. Makhadzi was once a laughing a stock. People used to laugh at her in everything she does. People were always looking for something to make it a joke.

Meeting @quiteria kekana was one of the best blessings to Makhadzi. I means since she met him, Makhadzi have changed her dressing style. She is looking good in everything she wears. And she is also glowing.

Let’s send out condolences to Makhadzi at this difficult time.

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