Mzansi left inspired by how Connie Ferguson spent her Human Rights Day.

The history of Human Rights Day is grounded in the Sharpeville Massacre that took place on 21 March 1960, where the apartheid police shot and killed 69 people during a peaceful protest. This day is always celebrated on the 21st of March every year and a lot of people celebrate the day in many different ways.

On this year’s Human Rights Day, not much has been done to celebrate this day and some people spent the day with their families while resting. Connie Ferguson also celebrated the day indoors as she worked on her fitness. She is popularly known as a gym fanatic hence she keeps aging like fine wine, even in her 50s.

She shared a clip of herself working out on Human Rights Day, and a lot of people were left inspired by how she spent her day. Connie Ferguson is just phenomenal in everything she does and she is just one of the most influential people in Mzansi. What do you think of how this remarkable lady spent?

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