Mzansi is talk after Dj Finzo shows off his gorgeous girlfriend, but Mzansi noticed this.

After seeing images of DJ Finzo with his girlfriend, Mzansi is envious. Mzansi could not contain its admiration for the couple. Since DJ Finzo decided to show off his stunning girlfriend, the duo has been trending on social media. Earlier this month, the Bloemfontein DJ and radio personality shared a picture of himself and his partner on social media. I like how they look together. With the look he gives to his girlfriend, Mzansi falls head over heels in love.





The following is the caption for this picture: “Please give me your sister’s phone number. Short and simple “He put pen to paper and began writing.

Many people don’t realize that Dj Finzo has a stunning woman in his life. His ex-wife and daughter are well-known to the public. The most well-known of these has recently divorced and is enjoying his newfound freedom. Her real name is Lelethu Siphofane, and he has been dating her for a while now. Dj Finzo’s attentions have recently been drawn to a young woman named Lelethu. Some of the couple’s social media posts have indicated that they are in a relationship.

The fact that he was shorter than his partner sparked a social media conversation. That’s also why he ends most of his social media photos with the phrase’sweet and brief.’ In spite of his tiny stature, DJ Finzo is proud of himself and the way God has designed him.

The show Giant Of The City, which aired on MojaLoveTv, featured DJ Finzo once. He once admitted that he doesn’t date short people because he’s also short, which was the subject of the show. Trying to balance the equation should not be a cause for alarm or offence.