Mzansi Is Not Impressed After Connie Ferguson’s Daughter Alicia Did This Tattoos. See In Pictures

We learn that some people get tattoos just for kicks while others are completely obsessed with them. Alicia Ferguson, daughter of the late Shona Ferguson, has joined the ranks of individuals who are infatuated with tattoos and feels compelled to continue displaying her affection for them. 



Alicia is the daughter of Connie Ferguson (a South African actress) and Shona Ferguson (also an actress). Recent activity on her social media accounts shows a video of her showing off her new panda tattoo. Immediately, Mzansi noticed something unusual about her. People who have tattoos generally feel at ease, but some have reservations. 

Daughter, 9f Connie Ferguson posted a picture of her new tattoo to Instagram to show her fans. Further tattoos are something she is insisting on. Lucky daughter that she is to have her mom’s unconditional love and encouragement. Connie Ferguson appears to be the type of parent who will stand by her children when it counts. Additionally, I think he mentioned when things were looking good and poor. 

Connie Ferguson is a fan of Alicia’s who occasionally writes something or comments on a post about her daughter. Connie Ferguson doesn’t mind if she gets inked up again. 

She captioned the image, “that looks like a source, my babe.”