Mzansi Is Not Happy With This Lady After She Did This To Her Sister In #EnoughIsEnough Show

Mzansi Is Not Happy With This Lady After She Did This To Her Sister In #EnoughIsEnough Show

Source: Hashtag #EnoughIsEnough Twitter page amd Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode






This show #EnoughIsEnough is about two woman are fighting over the rumours over the streets. The sad part is that they are sisters by blood. Her sister has been spreading rumours about her. The lady wrote into #EnoughIsEnough only to catch a Protection Order from her sister this cone after it was revealed that a sister was cheating with her sister’s husband.

There is a rumour that the other sister have a child with the husband of her sister. Apparently she used to go out to groove for the whole weekend with her sister’s husband. The child that they are arguing with is 21 years old and the husband is now ex-husband. She’s not denying that something may have happened between her and the brother in law. She’s just disputing the kid’s paternity.

The Mistake which she made is to go “drinking” the entire weekend with your brother in-law. The sister who is hiding in the house has reason to believe the rumour. Her mother died because of the rumours in the streets, she died while hating the sisters ex-husband. The mother could have confronted the situation before she passed away and helped the sisters resolve it.

She acted irresponsibly with her brother inlaw so she must understand the bad reputation. She was wrongfully accused by 3 different people. The sister is very brave to even suggest a DNA knowing very well she was ntantazing with her brother in law. #EnoughIsEnough but ke let’s wait for the results

On this show DNA was needed for Phumeza to complete the show. Mzansi Is glad that they started with a DNA test, so they confront the other sister with evidence. People are already judging the lady who wrote in now, even if the DNA results turn out to be negative.