Mzansi Is Not Happy With Musa Mseleku In #Mnakwethu Show After Her Did This

Mzansi Is Not Happy With Musa Mseleku In #Mnakwethu Show After Her Did This

Source: Hashtag #Mnakwethu twitter page and Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 latest episode

This episode of #Mnakwethu was an eye opener, no matter how attractive a lady is, if she has ancestor, run.

To think I felt sorry for “Makhosi” when Mseleku implied that




“she should consider herself lucky to have a calling and a man who loves her…..”

Sometimes we have to understand people first, before we understand their intentions with us. I hate how these men always make it seem like their wives are being unreasonable for not wanting poligamy. This man knew his wife isn’t for polygamy and he told Musa, fans wonder how Musa have to get there and call her selfish as if she agreed and went back on her agreement?

Musa and this “abuse” when the wives say no, even on his show he said his wives are “abusing” him when they said no to another wfe. Musa Mseleku showing his bias against dark skinned women in his comments. Intimacy is the reason why some men take more than one wife. They’re suffering from uncontrollable demon behind the curtains.

In the last episode Mseleku said Mamkhulu is abusing the guy because she doesn’t want polygamy, in this episode he said the same. Even in this reality show Mseleku said his wives are abusing him because they don’t want him to take another wife. So acording to hm woman saying no to polygamy is an abuser.

Why is it everytime a woman refuses, she is called “abusive” It’s not the first tym he does this, even on last week’s episode, that woman was now allowed to react and be emotional. He is gaslighting the situation by painting the first wives as abusive by not agreeing to polygamy, and for speaking their mind. From watching his other show, I can say he doesn’t like a woman who opposes what he says and stands her ground when he tries to talk her into it.

MaNxumaoo asking for a car was her trying to show that man that he can’t afford a second wife. And the husband knew she has a calling and still went all in, how is any of this her fault. Masuku won’t win here , MaNxumalo seems like won’t accept the second wife. She even gives Masuku a condition of buying her a car because she knows he won’t be able to afford it. After asking her and she declined i think the man was suppose to leave the relationship not call Mseleku to intervene. \\