Mzansi Is Not Happy Siya In #Ukungenwa After He Did This To MaMchunu In #Ukungenwa

Mzansi Is Not Happy Siya In #Ukungenwa After He Did This To MaMchunu In #Ukungenwa

Hlobi and maMkhize get on well together because they’re both evil and make jokes about MaMchunu’s situation. The things they say are really heartbreaking. Siya’s sister (Hlobi) is actually stupid, how can she say something so evil and painful about MaMchunu as if she chose for her husband to die. It’s very careless of her to say MaMchunu took someone’s husband, as if she (Hlobi) won’t date someone’s husband when hers dies.

Siya’s reasoning makes us ask a lot of questions sometimes. This girl is so young to settle for this. Siya is not even financially stable like he can’t even afford himself but wants wife number three. He is not even married to the two but he wants number three.





Theres something about Siya and his dad, they hidden how Siya’s bro died. Siya say MaMkhize must get all answers to his father and all what he did he was doing it for his Dad. This thing Siya and his father are trying to do won’t work. #Ukungenwa for as long as they continue to lie in the name of ‘building’.

Siya is hiding behind tradition and his father. It might be possible that all Mamchunu’s kid are Siya’s kids, his father knew that Mzwakhe can’t have children and Siya was here to help his brother. Siya can’t speak for himself once, instead he’s sending MaMkhize to his dad. Siya always blames tradition and his father for everything that’s happening.

Nokuthula is trying to save her mother in this toxic relationship this old crooks Siya and his father are extremely silly,wife number 3 you will be the next victim. This family have lots of secrets ,how can you lie to a widow about how her husband died,maMchunu is really hurt. Siya and his family are selfish. They want these women to live their lives on their times and jump when they say so.

Siya is a weak man while maMkhize is strong a brutally this marriage won’t last. Let’s put Tradition aside, Siya is rude and dismissive of his wife’s feelings and concerns. The mean girl energy that Mamkhize gives in almost every episode can be a little exhausting sometimes. That attitude is very useless because as much as she tried to act better than Mamchunu, they are literally both victims of the same oppressive family. She isn’t even rightfully married but she’s going through all this mess. She really can’t be fighting tooth and nail for man that doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions.

Do you think Siya’s family did the right thing not to tell Manchunu what killed her Husband?