Mzansi Is Left Speechless After Revealing Something Deep About Maseko’s New Girlfriend

Source: Hashtag #Umndeni twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode

So now everything is about Kim and her family on this show #Umndeni. Mzansi has been confused from day one of meeting Maseko’s new girlfriend. People would kill just to Maseko’s wife. From the first day we saw Kim we thought Kim was a man until the truth finally came out. Fans and funny enough today’s episode were thinking she is a man. In last week Kim’s grandma ask him if Makeko knows that she cannot give bear kids. Apparently kim is a gay, she is in process of transgender.

Kim’s family is not happy about what Mahlalentabeni and Dabula did to her The other day. Kim’s family wanted Maseko to apologize for splitting her with goal blood the other race. Kim’s family want Maseko to do the right by their daughter. Kim’s family is so supportive and productive over her, it’s so beautiful to watch.




This family is doing an ancestral ceremony for their daughter to vat and sit and not even not even lobola. Kim is married to Maseko and I don’t think Maseko knows about this. What they did to her was very disgusting. That behavior was out of order. Anyone who was in Kim’s family position would also fight them hard. They have to apologize to Kim’s family and Mahlalentabeni isnt having it at all.

Dabula thought he would go around beating people. Many viewers has chosen to siding with Kim’s grandma. Kim’s granny is solving Dabula and I love it! You can’t go around acting like a hooligan every chance you get. Dabula and Mam’khulu all they do is fake apologies lately. First it was Fezile family now this. Gogo have deal with them in a good way that they will do it again more special to their grandchild.

The show is no longer excites like before. Dabula the only one who carries the show not this new content Kim bringing her whole family on this show we didn’t sign for this content. They just happy to be on tv they bring nothing. It’s funny how Dabula always catches stray bullets while Maseko sits and watches everything unfold. You can tell that Maseko loves it when his women fight for him. Old man with fragile ego. People will never respect Mahlalentabeni and Dabula because Maseko has turned them into door mats.

Honestly the way Maseko does things, it’s as if his not a man enough to stand up for his family. If you want the girlfriends family to know you, you send your family there to do that for you and or the other way around. Maseko will cheat even after introducing Kim to his wives,a crocodile never changes it’s spot in this case.