Mzansi Is Left In tears After The Daughter Did This To Her Mother In #ReaTsotella

Mzansi Is Left In tears After Her Daughter Did This To Her Mother In #ReaTsotella

Source: Hashtag #ReaTsotellaMonday twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel latest episode

The ReaTsotella fans and viewers were left in tears after watching this latest episode. Vuewers and followers in Twitter has been feeling sorry and emotional for the poor woman for what she went through in her life. This come after her first born daughter named Gabsile wrote to Bishop Makamu and only to embarrassed her mother for her failure in life.

The lady named Gabisile has embarrassed her mother in national TV. The mother and the daughter has been the talk in social media and viewers cannot stop speaking about their toxic relationship. The daughter embarrassed her mother because she left her when she was young while she does not have a certificate.






Gabisile is not only here to further traumatize her mother, but to also embarrass her. She is covering her disrespect, one day she’ll regret ever pulling such a foolish stunt. Viewers of the show have noticed that the family is damaged, wounded, hurting, desperate, traumatised, imploding, exploding.

Gabsile has been saying that her mother does not have a husband and that she has failed to even keep one husband. According to the show the mother has four kids from a different fathers. The lady also said that her mother once chases her and she went to stay with her stepfather who also couldn’t stay with her.

Gabisile was heard laughing at her mother for having a different fathers. Many Viewers has been saying that Gabisile has failed to understand that her mother didn’t abondon her and that she went to hustle as life required that from her. Her mother didn’t leave her with nobody’s, she was left in the care of a sister whom is like a second Mother.

Mzansi has been saying that Gabisile must just pack her bags and kids and go live the life she wants after she humiliating her mother. She is old enough, she need to start afresh with her kids and forgive her mom for her mistake. She need to learn to respect her mom because she won’t succeed in life if she keeps on holding grudge.