Mzansi Is Left In Tears After Seeing GogoSkhotheni Doing This To Her Husband In #GogoSkhotheni Show

Mzansi Is Left In Tears After Seeing #GogoSkhotheni Doing This To Her Husband In #GogoSkhotheni

Source: Hashtag #GogoSkhotheni twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode




#gogoskhotheni fans and viewers are finding its hard to believe that this is real. Mzansi think that this is staged and Monde is wrong for going along with this. Mzansi has been pouring their heart to Monde after realizing that he is not happy and yet he is not planning to leave his wife Tumi. Even if she still think about proceeding with plan of taking second husband.

What Monde is going through is really painful. Many viewers wish to ask him ow is he doing or holding in this situation of second husband. Many viewers has been saying that Monde deserve better, someone who would truly loves him not someone like Tumi who’s selfish and only think about herself, hiding behind ancestors.

Monde is such a great guy, he is stuck between loving his wife, a husband not just throwing his marriage away and pride of having been kicked out by another man. Once he checks out there is nothing Tumi will do.

Monde is in his right state of mind. He has been dealt with muthically, there’s no way a sane man would be okay with being made a fool like this.

Viewers in Twitter believes that there is no Dlozi (Ancestors) here. If Sbu was brought by Gogo Skhotheni’s ancestors, why Sbu is so sure that the same ancestors won’t require the third husband. Sbusiso sounds like those second wives on #Mnakwethu who say they wouldn’t accept a third person yet expecting Mamkhulu to accept them.

What is your thoughts and opinions about this episode of #GogoSkhotheni season finally. What do you think about the whole arrangement of Tumi taking two husband’s.

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