Mzansi Is Left In Fear After A Man Threatened To Kill His Girlfriend Live In Tv After She Did This

It’s scary that sometimes people tell GBV victims to leave abusive relationships, but when they do leave – their abusers do not want to accept that and try to force themselves back into their lives – even to the point of murdering them

He said ” I will kill you ” in front of cameras, aint this a crime.

Just imagine a guy telling you on national TV that he’s gonna kill you and he doesn’t care that he get arrested, that should be a proof enough to police right? He even failed to explain what Sesi did to him. His just abusive, this guy and doesn’t deserve to be around people, he is a danger to the community.




No one is more dangerous than someone who’s lost everything, and wants to drag you into nothingness with him. He doesn’t care, he’s very dangerous the lady need to move far away from him. This lady been dropping charges, now they can’t issue warrant arrest. These ladies who got abused & later on asked not to report the abuser to the police are one of the problem in the fight against GBV.

What a sad episode #EnoughIsEnough. The SAPS is useless, no wonder women get killed still with their protection orders, some people think or feel like they own other people. The police do not help them, this lady reported the guy, did the Protection order, he still abuse with the Protection order, he got arrested and released without her knowledge, kanti how does this law work?

.This is another reason for why people die in an abusive relationship is because of leniency of justice to perpetrators. A protection order is not taken seriously at all in this country. They waiting for him to kill this lady so that they can act. He knows her very well and how to be manipulative. He doesn’t care, he’s very dangerous the lady need to move far away from him.