Mzansi Is Left Impressed With This Two Ladies After They Did This In #Mnakwethu

Mzansi Is Left Impressed With This Two Ladies After They Did This In #Mnakwethu







Mzansi were left impressed with how Musa Mseleku has managed to managed the latest episode of #Mnakwethu. In this latest episode meet a young man who wanted to introduce her girlfriend to his wife in #Mnakwethu.

Today’s episode was the only episode that didn’t bring out any anger. Many viewers was actually rooting for the girlfriend because she was so respectful, she actually seemed like she was very nervous.

Musa Mseleku were also impressed to see both women showing respectful and polite to each other, they both handled the situation maturely. The first wife has refused to allow his husband to take another wife in a good manner.

The first wife has asked the second wife about the change that she will bring in the table. She also ask if they will respect each since she is a person who respect those who respect her. The conversation between the two of them got Musa Mseleku impresses and h already convinced that the family is going to build their polygamy.

Many viewers have loved the speech that the girlfriend has give to the first wife. The girlfriend, MaMzobe said that if the first wife disagree it will be something that they will have to discuss between the two of the. She said that even if the first wife does not agree they won’t stop or end their relationship.

Many #Mnakwethu fans and viewers have like how the first wife, MaNdwandwe handled this whole situation; very diplomatic young woman.

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