Mzansi Is Left Happy With #Mamazala Crew And This Grandmother After They Helped This Woman #Mamazala

Mzansi Is Left Happy With #Mamazala Crew And This Grandmother After They Helped This Woman In #Mamazala

Source: Hashtag #Mamazala twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv latest episode




People are very proud of #Mamazala crew for settling loan sharks debt and getting SASSA cards for the kids. Today’s show was all humanity. The woman wrote to #Mamazala because she was struggling with her kids while the father of the kids has disappeared. He left his wife knowing that she was pregnant and not even say a word for 7 years.

Mzanzi has been very proud of James and team for coming to the rescue the lady. The lady went with #Mamazala to confess to the family. Her plan was to give kids to the father of her kids so that she can go and look for work. The episode was very touching and heartbreaking. The father of her kids is staying with his girlfriend and he left his other kids with his mother who are old. They’re no longer fit to stay with kids. MojaLove paid off the debt and gave the sassa cards to the grandmother.

#Mamazala fans is glad DSK mentioned the grant card issue. This ABET Gogo’s reasoning capacity is on another level. The Aunt can’t be expected to support the kids without assistance, while the kids are receiving grants. The crew settled her debt after the Aunt asked about the SASSA card. The SASSA card goes with kids wherever they goes. The woman couldn’t left the card because she is surviving with the grant. She wanted the man to take the responsibility and take care of the kids. Sadly he was not there.

The woman have decided to leave her kids with people she hasn’t met in more than 8 years this shows how bad things are for her. The granny depends on the social Grant and doesn’t have a problem with raising her grandchildren.

Her Story is Very Painful. This is just heartbreaking and to think that this is a reality for many South Africans. I’m crying yet she is telling her story and not even a single drop. She is probably tired of crying. Today’s episode taught me that what we have or earn is luxury to others and always be greatful every little thing you have.

No mother will give away her kids for fun, this woman has been through the most she deserves a break. We all need a helping hand from time to time. I’m glad she didn’t kill her children and commit suicide because that’s what some people resort to. The sad thing about this episode is that these kids are going to blame their mother for leaving them behind, it’s always better to struggle with your biological mother than other people.

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